The TextUs API supports two forms of Authentication: OpenID-Connect OAuth2 and custom API tokens.

OAuth2 (In Development)

More details to come when development is complete.

Api Tokens

Until OAuth2 is available to customers, we provide per-user API tokens as an interim solution.

To create an API Token:


In the TextUs UI, click your avatar icon in the upper-right, and from the menu choose “Profile”. You may also use this link to go there directly.


  1. From the tabs on the left, choose “API Tokens”.
  2. Type in a name for this token, so you will remember what it is for.
  3. Click the “Create Token” button.
  4. Copy this token somewhere safe. Anybody with access token is able to make requests to TextUs on your behalf. This is also the only time we will show you this token, and we do not keep a copy, so if you loose it you will have to create a new one.

You may now use this token as the Bearer part of the Authorization header when making requests to the TextUs API. For example, using cURL:

curl -H Authorization:"Bearer {your token}"

User API tokens are limited to the single user, and have complete access to every action the user has. They also never expire, and may only be revoked by the user that created them.

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