A SMS/MMS Message to or from a Contact

Name Type Description
direction string

incoming or outgoing, depending on if it was sent to or from the Contact

body string

The body text of the message

formattedBody string

The formatted body of the message

displayTimestamp DateTime

When the message was sent or received

timelinePosition DateTime

Sortable field inticating the order in the timeline in which messages should appear

deliveryState string

The current state of the message.

  • created — The Message has been created, but not yet processed.
  • received — The Message has been received from the upstream carrier.
  • scheduled — The Message is scheduled to be delivered at a later time.
  • queued — The Message is being processed.
  • dispatched — The Message has been sent to the carrier, and they are processing it.
  • delivered — The Message was successfully delivered by the carrier.
  • failed_transient — The delivery failed for some reason, by may be retried.
  • unknown — The delivery failed, but we or the carrier do not know why.
  • failed — The deliver failed, and may not be retried. Most likely cause is the number is invalid, or is a landline that cannot receive SMS messages.
friendlyStateDescription string

User-friendly description of the delivery state

source string

Where a message originated from.

This will be a process within textus, textus itself, or a third party integration name.
retryAllowed boolean

If a failed message can be retried

flags array

Additional info about the type of message. May include “automated”, “scheduled”, etc…

retry Link

Retry sending this message if it failed

attachments hydra:Collection
latestEventAt DateTime

Timestamp of the messages’ most-recent event

conversation Link
sender User

The user that sent the message (outgoing messages only)

status string
The current status of the message [created scheduled queued received dispatched delivered failed_transient unknown failed]

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