A series of messages between a single Contact and one or more Users

Name Type Description
phoneNumber PhoneNumber
formattedPhoneNumber string
slug Slug
currentState string
unsubscribed boolean
blocked boolean
unanswered boolean
account Link
stats Link
requestingUserInfo Link
participants Link

The set of Users that have sent a Message to the Contact

assignments hydra:Collection

The set of assignments belonging to this conversation

assignedContact Contact

The assigned contact

assignContact Link
associatedContacts Link
readConversation Link
unreadConversation Link
starConversation Link
unstarConversation Link
reopenConversation Link
closeConversation Link
blockConversation Link
unblockConversation Link
subscribeConversation Link
unsubscribeConversation Link
latestPreviewableItem Link
timeline Link
accountPhoneNumber PhoneNumber
formattedAccountPhoneNumber string

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