A campaign.

Name Type Description
title string
messageBody string
state string

The current state of the campaign: [scheduled, sending, sent]

createdAt DateTime
scheduledAt DateTime

When the campaign was scheduled to be sent

deliveryStatistics object

Statistics about the delivery rate of the campaign

estimatedStartAt DateTime

When the campaign is estimated to being sending

estimatedFinishAt DateTime

When the campaign is estimated to finish sending

sendingStartAt DateTime

When we actually started sending the campaign

sendingEndAt DateTime

When we finished sending the campaign

type string

The type of campaign: [single, recurring, recurring_instance, followup]

schedule string

The iCal rule for recurring campaigns

lastSentAt DateTime

The last time a recurring campaign was sent

edit Link

Edit a scheduled campaign

delete Link

Link to cancel the campaign if it is still scheduled

cancel Link

Cancel sending of a campaign that is scheduled or sending

account Link
group Link
user User

The user who created the campaign

totalRecipients CampaignRecipientCollection

The total recipients for this campaign

skippedRecipients Link
sentRecipients Link
deliveredRecipients Link
failedRecipients Link
repliedRecipients Link
unrepliedRecipients Link
omittedRecipients Link
attachments hydra:Collection
campaignTemplates hydra:Collection

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