A TextUs account

Name Type Description
name string

The name of the account, suitable for display in UIs.

slug string

The account’s slug.

type string

The account’s type.

multiUser boolean

Is this account a multi-user account or not.

settings object

The account’s combined settings

logo string

The account’s White Label logo

familyCount number

The number of accounts including self and descendants

childrenCount number

Count of direct sub-accounts

phoneNumbers array

The provider phone numbers associated with this account

contactsEnabled boolean

Is there a contact import target in the account tree?

featureFlags object

Feature flags for the current user

effectiveRole string

The users effective role for this account

hasCumulativePlan boolean

Does this account’s organization_account have a cumulative plan?

messagingRestricted boolean

Is the account is restricted from sending messages due to not being 10DLC registered. This flag is temporary and will be removed in the future.

shortenedLinkDomain string

The account’s shortened link

contactImport Link

Where to import contacts on this account

contacts Link

List contacts on this account

conversationFilters Link

Account’s conversation filters

campaignFilters Link

Account’s campaign filters

contactFilters Link

Account’s contact filters

conversations Link

Account’s conversations

inbox Link

Account’s inbox

campaigns Link

Fetch campaigns for the account

presignAttachment Link

Presign message attachment uploads

presignContactImport Link

Presign contact import uploads

presignMessageImport Link

Presign message import uploads

contactPhones Link

Account’s contact phones

sendMessages Link

Send messages from this account

scheduleMessages Link

Schedule a message to be sent later

users Link

Users that are members of this account

navbar Link

Ui Links for this account

signedAvatarUrl Link

Presign user avatar attachment upload

signedWhitelabelUrl Link

Presign the whitelabel attachment upload

children Link

This account’s children

integrations Link

This account’s integrations

analytics Link

This account’s analytics

optOutAnalytics Link

This account’s opt out analytics

optOuts Link

This account’s opt outs

exportOptOuts Link

Export the account’s opt-outs

optOutImport Link
presignOptOutImport Link

Get a signed url for upload

userSchema Link

The customizable fields for a given account schema

adminUserSchema Link

The customizable fields an admin can modify

premiumSupportUrl Link

URL for Premium Support enabled accounts

organizationAccount Link

The organization account this account relates to

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