You can add shortened links to any message across the platform in both the TextUs web app and Chrome extension. This makes it easier to share meeting scheduling pages, job applications, surveys, and other content with your audience. The example below will show you how to insert a URL(link) into a message body to be shortened and sent out. Across the app the message body may be referred to as “body”, “message_body”, “content”, etc.

The default subdomain for a shortened link is ‘sms’. In order to have a branded custom subdomain you would need to have a Campaigns Pro subscription and your admin would need to set the custom subdomain in settings.

To insert a link to be shortened into a message body use this syntax:

{{ '' | shortlink }}


Send Message Request

POST /my_account/messages


  "to": "+13035551234",
  "body": "Check this out: {{ '' | shortlink }}"

Actual Message Sent

“Check this out:”



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