The profile data for the authenticated user making the request

Name Type Description
name string

The name of the user, suitable for display in UIs.

firstName string
lastName string
email string
avatar URL

Link to the avatar image to display for the user.

automatedActor boolean

Whether this user is a non-human, automated actor in the system.

hasPassword boolean

Does the user have a password set

discarded boolean

Whether this user is discarded or not. Discarded users cannot log in and will not receive emails. They are maintained for historical purposes only.

settings object

A user’s settings, such as notifications or custom values

memberships hydra:Collection
uiConfig object

Internal configuration for the TextUs UI

featureFlags object

Feature flags for the current user

hasSubAccounts boolean

Does the user belong to multiple accounts

topLevelAccounts array

The accounts to show on the users dashboard - (seperate API to come per Paul)

tosAcceptedAt DateTime

The time when a user accepted the terms of services (TOS)

gettingStartedElements hydra:Collection
signature Signature

The user’s signature

savedReplies Link

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